Saturday, October 8, 2016

SIM900A TCP connection test - 1

I have been working on some real time data acquisition and control application designing. Specially micro-controller based hardware designing and prototyping.
For testing purposes i am using SIM900A GSM/GPRS module and FTDI UART converter. 

SIM900A module is connected to PC via FTDI converter. I use putty as a terminal program to communicate with the module. With required baud rates i am able to communicate with the module by sending a simple AT command (AT command set will vary with different modules) just sending AT the module replies with OK. This means module responded to the command sent from PC. Lets go ahead with TCP AT commands to establish a TCP connection to remote server via GPRS connection.

I have run socket test software on remote PC and opened port 7777. You have to check your firewall or router settings to allow your preferred port. While the software start listening to port 7777, lets continue with the sending AT commands to module from the PC connected to module.

After power up the module please wait for a while to give time to connect to GSM network from module and after few seconds lets proceed with TCP.

I have send these few commands manually from the PC which the module is connected.

AT+CSTT="APN of pixelatedpic"
AT+CIPSTART="TCP","remote pc/server IP ","your preferred port"
your data to send and hit ENTER

Here is the data sent between module and sever via GPRS internet. The data transmission of both directions is successful. Next is try to send the AT commands from Arduino instead of doing manually.

I love to see more comments from the viewers.
stay tune for part 2.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Pi Zero

After a long Que of waiting for Pi Zero,i have received it. The size of Pi Zero is very small and compact comparing to other versions of Pi. I am not going to give a review on Pi but since i like the Raspberry Pi. i would like to give some information on what i did to test its performance. For technical details go directly to  

Raspberry Pi Zero running RetroPie, just for a test.

 For testing purposes i installed OSMC and test as a media player and i am happy with the performance. Later i installed RetroPie and check how the new hardware performed. RetroPie is cool that it enables to play almost all the retro games that we played when we were young. :)

RetroPie running
I am not interested of GUI so kept aside all the i candy parts and focused on controlling GPIO and runing python scripts and bash script for external hardware communication. Overall what i can say is the waiting for Pi Zero is not time wasting, Pi Zero is better and faster. Thumbs up for Pi Zero.
What i am thinking is to use the Pi Zero for my home automation project which i will give some updates on my next post.

Being away

Due to few technical and other issues i have been away from blogging my electronics project and experiments i do. Lets hope this start will be better than all the past years. I have few things which i would like to write some article that others get the benefit of.
Few months back i got my Raspberry Pi Zero and did some cool things using it. Recently i am on to IoT stuffs so i cam across few new things for me, like MQTT and integration of hardware to MQTT server ruining locally. Possibilities are endless, i can make my light talking to MQTT server and it will handle rest by communicating the hardware like Arduino, ESP8266, Pi etc. I will detail one by one on my next post.
Thank you everyone who support my blog and gain knowledge from my articles. Stay tune for more update from me.